Picture of IBC pump for use with Adblue® CDS IBCs

IBC pump for use with Adblue® CDS IBCs

Adblue® electric pump with stainless steel auto shut off nozzle and flow meter

This pump is for heavy users of Adblue®, and is designed to fill vehicles directly from the IBC

This Adblue® dispensing pump has be specifically designed for use with Adblue®. 

The kit comes fully assembled with everything required to dispense Adblue from an IBC with a CDS connector on top.

The pump is easily transferred between IBCs. 

The pump is a self-priming membrane pump fitted with a flow meter and an stainless steel automatic shut off nozzle to stop a vehicle's Adblue® tank being over filled.

·         Stainless Steel auto shut off nozzle

·         Overpressure relief valve

·         Flow meter with dispense total and cumulative total display.

·         Stainless Steel back plate with drip tray

·         CDS (Clean Dispense System) coupler

·         All pipework and fittings required are included

·         on/off switch

·         240 Volt

·         IP55

·         40 Litres per min flow rate

·         Free delivery (Mainland UK)


£350.00 (GBP)
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